Supercharge your marketing with an AI-powered CMO copilot.

Protimera is a seamlessly integrated Software-as-a-Service solution that accelerates business growth swiftly and cost-effectively through cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Generate various forms of content and sales copy in seconds and talk to Preston™ - a virtual, AI-based CMO copilot, trained by real Chief Marketing Officers with decades of experience in marketing. Get started now.

Is Your Marketing Keeping Up?

In an age dominated by rapid technological shifts, traditional marketing can't keep pace. Businesses must adapt, or risk being left behind. Now, more than ever, leveraging AI in marketing isn't an option – it's a necessity.

Businesses typically have to pay fractional CMOs 6 figures per year to gain a competitve advantage in the marketplace. Protimera gives you access to a trained AI companion that serves as your CMO, for the price of your daily latte.

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Fast-Track Your Content & Scale Like Never Before

Imagine a world where content isn't a bottleneck. From sales copies to blogs, from press releases to video scripts, produce consistent, quality content at a pace your competitors can only dream of. 

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How Fast Can You Grow with AI?

Companies that have implemented AI in their marketing processes are reporting impressive results.

Boost Your Business in 3 Steps.

  1. Data Collection & Analysis

    Your Business Blueprint in AI's Hands

    Onboarding with Protimera is a revelation. Feed Preston—our brilliant AI CMO—essential details about your website, product, offer, and even competitors. Every interaction becomes a deep-dive analysis, ensuring Preston understands your business as intimately as you do.

  2. Tailored Strategy, On-Demand

    Always On, Always Relevant

    Say goodbye to generic, search-engine advice. Every time you converse with Preston, expect strategies and insights uniquely sculpted to your business context. Dive into the vast depth of market, niche, and offer knowledge, available to you 24/7. Preston doesn't just know marketing; he knows your marketing.

  3. Acclerated Execution & Scaling

    Strategy to Execution – At Lightning Speed

    With the blueprint in hand, it's action time. Utilize our suite of copywriting tools to bring Preston's strategies to life. Whether it's ad copy, press releases, blog posts, or email campaigns – get everything ready at unmatched speed. It's not just about quick action; it's about scaling with precision and consistency.

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Plans & Pricing

Experience unparalleled marketing growth without straining your budget. You'll get access to cutting-edge AI solutions tailored for your business needs, ensuring maximum value at every tier.

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